Transitions towards sustainable regional development

A comparative study of rural mountain regions in the Global North and South

[2015 – 2016]

Societies around the world are facing several challenges resulting of persistent problems like climate and demographic change, environmental pollution or economic restructuring in the face of globalization. In order to deal with these problems the normative concept of sustainable development has emerged in the last decades. The transdisciplinary project “Transitions towards sustainable regional development” wants to identify processes which lead to more sustainable forms of society. Particularly we focus on transition processes in peripheral rural areas of Northwest-Argentina (Valles Calchaquíes) and Vorarlberg (Großes Walsertal) using the heuristic framework of transition studies.

Project duration: [2015 – 2016]
Financiation: BMWF – WTZ Austria-Argentina
ISES – Instituto Superior de Estudios Sociales (CONICET – Universidad Nacional de Tucumán), Argentina
Project Leader:
 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Coy
Project Members:
Fernando Ruiz-Peyré, Armin Kratzer, Gerhard Rainer, Robert Hafner, Fernando Longhi, Ariel Osatinsky, Matilde Malizia, Paula Boldrini, Julieta Krapovickas, Alejandra del Castillo, Laura Cordero, Ana Garay, Ramiro Salazar Burgos, Pablo Paolasso
Keywords: regional development, sustainability, globalisation, transition

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